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Our Care Ecosystem keeps your employees healthy. In fact, our bottom line depends on it. This is the future of value-based care.

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A Single Touchpoint for your Entire Healthcare Journey

For the majority of your employees, we are the go-to provider for almost all basic needs.  For the remainder employees who require complex care, we navigate them to our network of low cost, high quality specialists and hospitals.

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Pricing Directly Tied to Claims Savings

With Performance-Based pricing, you pay a small monthly membership for each employee to gain 24/7 access to our Care Ecosystem. Our providers are paid directly based on the quality, outcomes, and cost savings that they provide to you and your members.

Better Access & Engagement

Healthcare Your Employees Want To Engage With

Unlimited appointments. 24/7 access to our virtual care and in-person clinics. Schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, chat with your care team directly from our app. Oh, and no copays...ever.

While primary care doesn't account for a large portion of U.S. health care costs, it influences nearly 90 percent of overall cost and quality through referrals and decisions around procedures. Advanced primary care models are moving away from fee-for-service to provide a greater impact on healthcare costs as a whole.

Lewis B., DO

President of Hue Health

For most companies, health care is the second largest expense after payroll. This puts you in the health care business. For example, a 4200 employee company enrolled in their health plan spends the typical $10,000 per year per member for health care. So you need to ask yourself, “How’s your $42 million health care business?”

Dave Chase

CEO of Health Rosetta

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