Healthcare is a Team Effort

Our Care Ecosystem is designed with the patient at the center. We are a centralized hub for everything from primary and urgent care to speciality care and hospital navigation.

A single touchpoint for all your healthcare needs

We navigate our patients through their entire healthcare journey

Our Care Ecosystem is our Core

Our ecosystem model is more than a care team. It helps our patients navigate the entire healthcare continuum, whether or not they are at a Hue Health facility. Advanced primary & urgent care, navigation to high-value & low-cost facilities, and access to our specialist & partner hospitals are just some of the things you get out of the box. We know that better quality always leads to lower downstream costs.

Member Benefits

Better Access

Unlimited Appointments

In-person at our clinics, 24/7 virtual access, or text your providers online. No copays or additional fees.

Higher Quality


Not just a physician, but an entire Ecosystem of care. Out of the box starting Day 1.

Centralized Care

Advanced Providers

Our providers do things that other primary care providers can't, like hospital-grade IVs or troponin measurements. All in clinic.

Cost Saving

Healthcare Navigation

Get the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare experience, even outside of a Hue Health location.

Reduced Waste

Specialty Networks

We consult our network of specialists before we refer our patients, so you know you're only getting a referral if it's absolutely needed.

Negotiated Prices

Hospital Partnerships

Our partnerships with hospitals offer significant discounts and price transparency for each procedure, so you know you are getting the best rates.

Our Care Ecosystem Model in Practice

Advanced Clinical Practice

Donnie feels dizzy and his heart is racing. He arrives at the clinic with atrial fibrillation. A low value doctor would send him to the ER immediately. However, Dr. Rita is a Hue Health Advanced Provider. She has dealt with these situations when she practiced at the hospital. She realizes that the patient is stable so she establishes an IV line for medications. She controls his rate and observes him before transitioning to oral medication. Dr. Rita avoids an unnecessary hospitalization. She meets with Donnie in the office the following day to check that he tolerated his treatment well.

Outpatient Surgery

Suzie has Uterine Fibroids which cause her to miss work and end up in the ER four times a year. Suzie sees her Hue Health Advanced Provider and together they decide that surgery is the best course. A Hue Health Care Coordinator calls to coordinate a time for Suzie's surgery that maximizes quality and value. The surgeon operates on Mondays at a hospital that charges $20,000 but on Wednesday she operates at a surgical center that only costs $4,000. A Hue Health Nurse Practictioner follows up with Suzie a few days after her surgery to check in and make sure she is feeling ok and has had no complications. Suzie sees the same surgeon and has the same surgery, but saves 5x on the procedure. She is happy, paid nothing for the surgery out-of-pocket, and most importantly pain free.

Mental & Behavioral Health

Randall has Bipolar Disorder. He is the star employee at work, but occasionally skips medication and is lost from work for days. Occasionally, he ends up in the hospital or visits the ER. Randall is identified as an at-risk patient. He is assigned a Hue Health Care Coordinator to decrease his risk of psychological episodes. A Care Coordinator is available 24/7 for Randall to access if he feels like he is on the verge of an emergency. Randall is contacted frequently by his Hue Health Care Coordinator to ensure medical efficacy and compliance, and to check on Randall's overall mental and physical health.

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