Frequently Asked Questions

How do performace-based payments work?

Hue Health charges a small monthly fee to buy into our program. This gives all employees who are opted-in access to the entire Hue Health ecosystem, including all of our technology, services, and network. We set pre-defined quality metrics that are common evidence-based practices in clinical quality. Depending on if we hit these metrics, or what degree we hit these metrics, we charge a bonus. Keep in mind that each of these metrics are directly related to reduction in claims costs, so the bonus is only a small portion of the total savings from a reduction in healthcare spend to ensure you are always getting a 2-4x ROI.

Can my employees keep their old provider if I switch to Hue Health?          

A Hue Health physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant will be your employee's new primary care provider (PCP). All of our PCPs work within an ecosystem that includes an MD, NP, a Care Coordinator, a Complex Care Navigator, a Health Coach, and more. By switching to Hue Health, your employees gain access to our entire ecosystem which provides not only medical support but also help scheduling appointments, finding the right specialists and hospitals, and dealing with insurance. Most patients will have nearly all of their care conducted by their PCP. For patients with more complicated conditions, they will likely interact with our entire ecosystem frequently. We work with your current PCP to transfer your records and ensure seamless continuity of care.

Does Hue Health require all of my employees to switch to Hue or do I have an option between Hue and my existing benefits?                     

Just like your current benefits, Hue Health can be used as a health benefits option that employees can choose but are not required. In many cases, we like to send our providers to educate your employees about the benefits of value-based care and the Hue Health Care Ecosystem model since it provides much higher quality care than standard fee-for-service primary care providers. If you decide to make Hue Health your only health benefit, then we will work with you directly to help your employees make the transition onto our platform.

How does Hue Health manage patient leakage & retention?                             

Hue Health uses a number of patient engagement techniques to make sure patients are staying within our Care Ecosystem and only going to the high-quality, low-cost specialists that we recommend. Our technology has been built from the ground up to maximize engagement through providing multiple mediums of care (i.e. virtual, in-person, and text), 24/7 access, and easy management of prescriptions and appointments. In addition, part of our performance-based pricing bonus comes with direct financial rewards to patients who stay engaged. Lastly, we love to educate our patients about how to have the best experience through Hue Health, so we frequently attend benefits meetings to talk about value-based care and how our Ecosystem is superior to standard primary care.

Will my employees always see the same doctor?                                        

With Hue Health, you get access to our personalized Care Ecosystem that includes your own primary care provider (PCP), a Care Coordinator, a Complex Care Navigator, a Health Coach, and more, as well as any other support you need from leading specialists in medical care and behavioral health. This is your Ecosystem, providing consistently exceptional care day or night. The majority of the time, you will always interact with your personalized Ecosystem. For after-hours care, urgent requests, or help with routine problems like a sinus infection or urinary tract infection, you may get care from providers not on your personal team so we can help you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

What is the expected ROI for using Hue Health?                                                 

Hue Health expects to be able to reduce total healthcare costs by at least 20%, although evidence shows that this number can reach 40%. If we hit our performance-based pricing bonuses, this bonus payment is usually a 5-10x ROI compared to the savings your company received from avoided healthcare costs.

Where do you set up the modular clinics? Can they be on-sight or near-site?    

Our clinics use the most modern modular technology available on the market today. They look sleak and inviting, and more importantly they can be placed virtually anywhere. This include empty lots, parking lots, office buildings, or virtually anywhere. If our existing network of clinics does not suit the needs of your company or employees, then we would be happy to set up new custom clinics just for your business, for no extra fees! We offer on-site and near-sight clinic set up as well.

Can Hue Health do a virtual-only product?

Yes, however we do not offer performance-based pricing for virtual only products. While we believe that virtual care is very important to maintain consistent communication and engagement with patients, there are many important medical procedures that cannot be done virtually, such as labs, imaging, IV medications, and many patient screenings. This is why Hue Health has prioritized both virtual and in-person care - so we can offer our patients the highest possible value while reducing unneccessary referrals or hospitalizations by centralizing the healthcare experience.

Can Hue Health work within my existing TPA or insurance group?

Yes! We have other TPAs and insurance partners that we recommend that can provide additional benefits like reference-based pricing for hospitals but we can work with any TPA that you are already using.

What does Hue Health do to secure health data?

At Hue Health, data security is one of our top priorities. We adhere to the highest standards of data security and implement many security features like two-factor authentication and other features commonly used by online banking. For more information about our data security, please see our HIPAA policy link below.

Does Hue Health share my employees' health data with any third-parties?        

No, Hue Health will never share your data with other parties without your consent. If sharing your data is required to provide the best care - such as with a hospital - we will always ask for patient consent before doing this. For more information, please see our privacy policy linked below.

What do I do in a medical emergency? 

Hue Health providers respond to any urgent clinical issue you send us through the chat thread within 15 minutes. After normal business hours, if you have a non-life-threatening emergency, you can page your provider through the app and we will call you within 30 minutes. If you have a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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