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Performance-Based Pricing

Guaranteed ROI, accountability among providers, and alignment across all stakeholders. It's the next generation of value-based payments.

What is Performance-Based Pricing?

Fee-for-service healthcare is outdated. We are so confident in the quality of our Ecosystem that we tie our profits proportionally to how much we save your business. We tier our pricing based on the total savings we provide - we only make more if we save you more. Performance-based pricing is adding accountability back into healthcare.

Provide a Better Healthcare Experience for Less


Individual & Spouse

Individual & Family


$59.99 USD/mo

$119.99 USD/mo

$179.99 USD/mo

20-30% Savings

+ $15 USD/mo
2.2x ROI**

+ $30 USD/mo
2.2x ROI

+ $45 USD/mo
2.9x ROI

31-40% Savings

+ $30 USD/mo
2.3x ROI

+ $60 USD/mo
2.3x ROI

+ $90 USD/mo
3.9x ROI

41%+ Savings

+ 10% of total savings
>2.4x ROI

+ 10% of total savings
>2.4x ROI

+ 10% of total savings
>4.0x ROI

*Base rates may change slightly depending on state or rurality.
**ROI (return on investment) calculation is based on the national average claims expenditure for self-funded employers, $6,500 per member per year.

How Do We Calculate Savings?

When you partner with Hue Health, we become your partner in healthcare cost and quality. We provide metrics about the health of your workforce and in return ask for visibility into your claims. This allows us to both identify high risk patients early and calculate savings. We look at the changes in claims quarter-to-quarter compared to the previous year to calculate the performance-based price. Don't worry, you will have full transparency in the process and are welcome to use a third party auditor if you desire.

How We Save Your Business Money

Stop overpaying for healthcare inefficiencies, poor coordination, and waste. We built Hue Health from the ground up to tackle Healthcare's biggest cost centers.

Centralized Coordination

Reducing waste and unnecessary care through a single touchpoint for all healthcare needs

Quarterbacking Care

Efficient navigation to our partner network of low-cost, high-quality specialists & hospitals

Technology Administration

Cutting the 30% of healthcare costs attributed to billing and administration with advanced tech

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