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We believe in giving back to everyone who has ever overpaid for healthcare, had a horrible experience, or hasn't had access to quality care. This is the way healthcare should be.

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For almost five years, I experienced the inefficiencies of the healthcare system first-hand as a patient. So when I teamed up with Lewis to create Hue Health, I wanted to create a system of care that supports patients and providers. No more waiting for appointments, no more unanswered questions, no more complicated insurance bills or administrative burdens, and no more anxiety about going to the doctor. Hue Health is truly a transformative experience because we’ve seen all of the problems first hand.

Jake Kerr

CEO of Hue Health

Our Leadership

Jake Kerr | CEO & Co-Founder

Jake is a biotechnologist turned venture capitalist who has worked for several VC organizations. He was previously a founding analyst at the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center, and assisted in establishing the CU Healthcare Innovation Venture Fund. He co-founder and Chief Scientist of Bright Yeti, Inc., an agriculture tech startup in Denver, CO.

Lewis Bui, DO | President & Co-Founder

Dr. Bui is an emergency medicine physician who has practiced medicine all across the country. He has founded multiple digital health and healthcare delivery startups, including Wellness Intel and Pop Care. He transitioned into medicine after spending nearly a decade as an aerospace engineer for several top companies, focusing on manned spaceflight mission.

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